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Were we visited on earth thousands of years ago by a highly evolved culture that ushered in mankind's first New Age of scientific growth and spiritual enlightenment? Were these visitors the Creators and Enslavers of the human race?

Twentieth Century UFO's were rarely reported in the mass media before 1947, as most people believe them to be a relatively modern phenomenon. Quite the opposite, as they have been reported for thousands of years, all over the world. Julius Obsequens reproduced the following account from 206 B.C. in his book, [Prodigorium liber]

Things like ships were seen in the sky over Italy......At Arpi [In Italy] a round shield was seen in the sky...At Capua, the sky was all on fire, and one saw figures like ships.

Who controls human destiny? Do the world's major religions teach the truth.......or have they all been subtly corrupted?

The idea that we were once a slave race owned by an extra-terrestrial society is not really a new concept. It was noted thousands of years ago in mankinds earliest civilizations. The first of those civilizations was SUMERIA, a highly advanced society which existed in the Tigris-Euphrates river valley between 5000 and 4000 B.C and by 3500 B.C. and flourished as a major civilization.

Archaeological finds show that Sumeria left records revealing humanlike creatures of extra-terrestrial origin had ruled early human society as earth's first Monarchs. Those alien people were often thought of as GODS. Some Sumerian GODS were said to travel into the skies and through the heavens in flying globes and rocketlike vehicles.

The Book Of Ezekiel is filled with visions and encounters with what appears to be celestial beings. The first vision, is that of a divine chariot, better known as The MERKABAH, in Kabballistic circles. It is one of the most extraordinary accounts of a UFO witnessed in ancient times.

The detailed technical description of the Chariot and the manner in which it could move any direction as well as up and down, has puzzled bible scholars from the past up until modern times, and has become a part of the Mysteries in the Jewish Kabballah, whose study was limited to only knowing initiates. The word dream does not appear in the Book of Ezekiel, only the word vision. The heavens opened up and I saw divine visions. The term used in the Hebrew is actually Elohim visions. The Elohim, have been referred to as the Greys, Annunaki, Nefilim, no matter what name, Ezekiel's vision was considered Divine presence..GOD

Ancient carvings depict several of these GODS wearing gogglelike apparel over their eyes. Human priests acted as mere intermediaries between the alien GODS and the human population.

According to the history found inscribed on Mesopotamian tablets, there was a time when human beings did not exist at all. Earth was inhabited by members of another species from another civilization, from another world. In other words, Aliens from another planet. They were called brilliant ones, workers of wonders. Date estimates of the arrival of these visitors have been computed by Sitchin using the dates of Berossus' arrival of OANNES, approximately right at 445,000 years ago. Based on the findings concerning the approximated age of the Cydonia Complex on Mars this date fits very close. For the sake of those skeptical, I will use the word visitor instead of aliens.

One of the mysteries of the world's megaliths, that has been noted, is their closeness to mining sites. Statues depicting men with one gold hand which could relate them to Lords of Metal. The Serpent in the book of Genesis is referred to as Nahash, meaning he who knows secrets, and also he who knows Copper. The Lord in the bible is occasionally referred to as one who knows where the hidden places of metal in the mountains. In Job 28:1 it reads Surely there is a vein for the silver, and a place for the gold.

These visitor's lives on earth was not pleasant to say the least, and their efforts to exploit the mineral and natural resources on earth was quite backbreaking. One tablet reads:

When the Gods like men

Bore the Work and suffered the toil

The toil of the Gods was great,

The work was heavy, the distress was much

The tablets go on to describe a life of endless misery as these GODS carried out building, excavation and mining operations on Earth. Even as Gods, they were prone to complaining, backstabbing, and rebellion against their leaders. A solution was needed, and it was found:Lets create a new creature capable of doing all this work...ENTER HOMO SAPIENS!

The Mesopotamian tablets then tell of Gods who put Gods to death and the Blood was mixed with clay. Suffice it to say, that man was in his first evolutionary stage at that time. Supposedly, the demolished planet Tiamat, which is referred to in the book of Job, had enough DNA material from its previous life to begin life anew, and more than likely that Tiamat wasn't the original home of the Annunaki with Mars being their temporary home away from home when Tiamat rocked.

Several attempts were made to create the perfect slave out of various animals, which ended up with hideous, mutants that were not good for anything and had to be destroyed. Let us make Adamu in our image, as we see in the outline of genesis Let us make man in our image, which shows God referring to himself as plural. He was a race of people....the Annunaki,who are referred to biblically as either angels or the sons of god.

An experiment was performed by their Chief Medical personnel, EN.KI and NIN.TI, who produced a Lulu, the first man out of a mix of Annunaki material and the more primitive human native to Earth. The end result were referred to in the Sumerian Texts as the Black Headed people, who were used as mining slaves. The terms used in the Creation texts appear quite scientific, referring to moulding the essence of the Anunnaki with the egg of their wombs, purifying it in a bath, and creating an eventual bond, and the glyphs accompanying them show laboratories with vases like test tubes, cauldrons of fire, etc. Their most complex phrase for the process was the special attention paid to that which houses that which binds the memory, a pretty good description of our terminology Genes.

The new earth creature, or Lulu, meaning the mixed one, as they were referred to is quite similar in appearance to these GODS. There is but a shadow of the truth scattered in the book of Genesis. This clay possibly served as a concoction similar to the clinical Petrie Dish providing a stable environment to be placed into the womb of the Surrogate Goddess/Alien Mother. One can only surmise of the visitors highly advanced knowledge of Recombinant DNA procedures, InVitro fertilization,etc. Of which we have just recently moved out of the infancy stage with the much widely publicized cloning of the Sheep, Dolly.

The GOD credited with the supervision of this Genetic engineering was called EA. He was reported to be the son of a GOD KING who ruled another planet in the GODS empire. His name found in the records was EN.KI which means Prince (Lord) of Earth. The Ancient Sumerian texts state that the title of Ea is not entirely correct, as it appears that he lost his dominion over major portions of the earth to his half brother EN.LIL during a conflict.

EN.KI, was also given credit for many other accomplishments. If he was a real person, he could be best described as a Scientist, and a Civil Engineer of considerable talent. It is written that he was said to have drained marshes by the Persian Gulf and to have replaced them with fertile agricultural land. In other words, he had immense knowledge.

He demonstrated a good grasp of Genetic Engineering, but not according to the tablets, without trial and error. He was also described as goodhearted, at least to his creation, HOMO SAPIENS. He became their leader, teaching them all the finer arts of civilization as well as their work and craft. He taught them brickmaking, construction, and metallurgy. He spoke on their behalf and opposed the cruelties that many of the other GODS to include his brother ENLIL, had inflicted upon them. EN.KI didn't intend for them to be harshly treated, but his wishes were disregarded by the other leaders.

The demand for the black-headed people became too great for the Annunaki to produce on a regular basis, since they had to be individually birthed using surrogate Moms, and the process was as painful as any childbirth. Eventually, the slave-people were given the gift of KNOWING, i.e., self-reproduction. EN-KI appears to have been the one to let the slaves in on this little secret, making him the "SERPENT IN THE GENESIS GARDEN". As a sentence for passing on this knowledge, he was to work in the mines for the rest of his days--Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed...upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life as Genesis 3:14 tells us.

EN.KI, as the serpent, is no surprise, for his symbol, later the symbol of THOTH/HERMES and used today by the Medical Profession, is two intertwined serpents around a winged rod Caduceus, which by appearance alone suggests the DNA molecule.

Also, in the sentence was that his seed should be at war, enmity with the woman's seed, which implies race or tribal warfare. It is a possibility that EN.KI was also known as the God we recognize as Hephaestus or Vulcan from Greek and Roman Mythology. Hephaestus was thrown out of heaven by his mother, explaining the enmity between thee and the woman. He lived in the mines beneath the earth as the artificer of the gods, famous for the permanent limp caused by his fall from heaven. That limp, attributed to his fall from grace was also a feature never lacking in Mediaeval dramatic portrayals of the Devil.

My apologies to those of you who are Bible students, and which find this contradictory, however, the text of Scripture is a condensation of far more extensive Sumerian and other Mesopotamian Creation texts, that predated it by thousands of years. The reason God first creates mankind, then repents of having done it, then goes on to decree his destruction in the flood, and yet preserves a remnant, is because he is not perfect. He is a Council, A Society of coeval GODS, explaining how it is that actions occur without his awareness though he is suppose to be omniscient. God has to find out that man has disobeyed him, and eaten of the Tree of knowledge, he has to find out just what happened to Abel, not knowing when he arrived that Cain had killed him. He sends angels, indistinguishable from men, to find out if things are as Rockin in Sodom And Gomorrah as the angels have heard through the grapevine. So...when you get right down to the bare facts..the same God who created man, can also be the serpent in the Garden Of Eden cursed by God. There is more than one of Him, and they have not always been in agreement about what to do with us, Mankind since our creation.

According to modern day analyses of the fossil record..HOMO SAPIENS emerged as a distinct animal species somewhere between 300,000 B.C. and 700,000 B.C. As time went on, a number of sub-species of HOMO SAPIENS emerged, including that sub-species that all human beings belong today: HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. They appeared a mere 30,000 years ago. Some say only 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

Were the Sumerians referring to HOMO SAPIENS or HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS? If these Mesopotamian creation stories are based upon actual events, and if those stories refer to HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS, it would be impossible not to expect HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS to have appeared very suddenly in history.

Anthropological records reveal that HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS appeared on Earth abruptly not gradually. In other words, The puzzle of Darwin's missing link could be solved.

F. Clark Howell and T.D. White of the University of California at Berkely had this to say:

These people (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) and their initial material culture appear with seeming suddenness just over 30,000 years ago, probably earlier in eastern than in Western Europe.

Along with this mystery, another pops up into view.. NEANDERTHAL MAN (HOMO SAPIENS NEANDERTHALENSIS). He vanished at the same time modern HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS appeared. Evolution is not that fast! Howell and White explored this avenue and stated: "...the utter, almost abrupt disappearance of Neanderthal peoples are an important problem to which there is unfortunately no clear solution.

The Sumerian creation stories do offer a clear solution, but at the same time, it is one that many people would have a difficult time accepting. Man can be so blind. The sudden appearance of HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS, and the abrupt disappearance of NEANDERTHAL man was caused by intelligent intervention. What did they do with NEANDERTHAL man, exterminate him, haul him off to another galaxy, to make room for the new SLAVE race, to prevent breeding between the two subspecies?

Whatever the truth might be, we do know two facts beyond everything else. Modern Anthropology has discovered a sudden replacement for Neanderthal man with modern man, and the Mesopotamian records state that intelligent planning by an extra-terrestrial race was involved.

The correlations are there, between the events that shaped our civilization millions of years ago, and the signature of these visitors is indelibly written in stone. We need only seek.

Seek and ye shall find, and the truth shall set you free.

To Be Continued.....

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