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Scorpio: The Search For Transformation

The mood for Scorpio is Nocturnal, lunar, funerary. The Mundane rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Pluto, appropriately, is Hades, Lord of the Greek Underworld. Pluto rules the unconscious depths of the Scorpio or eighth house personality, with its residue of instinctual drives, emotional attachments, and compulsive-obsessive tendencies carried forward from past lives to the present. According to Alice Bailey, it is Mars, not Pluto, that functions as the esoteric ruler of Scorpio. This is understandable if we consider Mars as the principle that makes a person take a positive action, the inner warrior who stands and fights against sulky moods, who sets fire to the old "seeds" of negative ideas and habit patterns instead of sitting by watching them sprout, or watering them again this lifetime.

Isabel Hickey, in Astrology: A Cosmic Science, speaks in particular of Scorpio as a pivotal lifetime for the individual, during which he will either progress or retrogress this lifetime.

A general point concerning the Scorpio is the psychic nature of the Eighth House and the Scorpio Archetype. Those born with Scorpio planets, or planets in the Eighth House, have an uncanny, instinctual awareness, the gift of the psychic hunch, whether it manifests in dreams, through imaginative work, or even business intuition, there is a power behind an Eighth House planet, a Scorpio planet or Ascendant, power to attune to the underworld. Information slips through to conscious awareness from the unconscious in an almost uncanny way.

The symbols for Scorpio are quite diverse. Each of the Fixed signs is symbolized by a powerful creature. The Taurus Bull represents the physical stamina, The Leo Lion willpower or emotional stamina, and the Scorpio symbols psychic energy or power. Scorpio is more subtle energy. If we think, for instance, of the serpent, a common Scorpio symbol, we can refer to Genesis 11:1"...the serpent was more subtle thatn any beast of the field..." There could be two possible interpretations..subtle can mean...devious or cunning, like the serpent in Genesis, or subtle can also mean something rare, or elusive, like the Kundalini current in the Astral Spine, subtle power, which is also represented as a coiled serpent in the lower back area. Therefore, any myth with a snake or serpent in it could have a devious meaning to it, as in the usual interpretation of the Garden of Eden Myth, where the devious snake is cursed in the end and must crawl on its belly and eat dust forever after. Or, we can be tipped off by the presence of a snake that the myth is very subtle in the sense of deep, that the myth refers to a higher Scorpio experience..Psychological Transformation, enlightenment, immortality.

The Phoenix who soars to the sun only to burn in its nest and resurrect again is the symbol of the evolved Scorpio, along with the eagle. The Phoenix expresses humility in contrast to the eagle. The Scorpio operating at the Phoenix level is bent on saving others. They are usually involved, near fanatacism with a religious philosophy, pychological system, or physical healing technique, want to convert family and friends. If they run from themselves or doubt their power they may feel isoloated and scorpio-like, withdraw from them still further. A true Phoenix will not long remain a hermit, for they wish to serve others, and they have respect for others intelligence and others free will; their efforts to convert will not be arrogant or self-righteous. The True Phoenix is generous with his/her time and resources. They do not become a total recluse. They are Mars active and helpful to those in need. There is no longer any suspicion, pettiness, jealousy or possesiveness in the Phoenix/Scorpio. They have met their shadow like a warrior, fought and made peace with it.

Check out that 8th House Pluto!

Psychologists - Special Agents - Researchers - Spies - Factory Owners Genitals - DNA Inheritance - Petroleum - Factories - Terror - Power

The Well Aspected Scorpio Story

You are able to summon up more power and intensity than any other sign of the Zodiac for the key phrase to describe you is - I desire - and you will pursue them through thick and thin since staying power is another of your assets. You are much concerned with transformation on any level, which includes sex and romance where you will pour out all your energies. In any endeavour it is important that you think through what you are seeking since you will pursue it with great intensity and determination, your willpower is ready to endure any trial seeking satisfaction so that even death or humiliation can prove insufficient deterrent. In a work situation you can create crisis situations in your mind where you feel unable to delegate and exhaust yourself. You hate to see weakness in yourself or others though you are prepared to offer practical help to get them back on their feet where they can help themselves again. Diplomacy is not a strong suit with you since you prefer to tell the truth or not speak at all, you are also driven to investigate the true nature of things and are good at probing secrets which can include those of people as well as the worlds of business and science. You are highly secretive by nature even though you are exceptionally good at discovering those of other people. You have a deep affinity for the the regenerative power of nature which you can apply to your own circumstances, the secret of your applied power.

Friends and lovers

You are careful and choosy in your selection of mates and friends so that you are rarely disappointed in them, you start a relationship slowly and carefully and cultivate it along the way. Once you are in a close relationship you will be quite prepared to make sacrifices to preserve it. However there is a dynamic side to you, you can hardly resist a quarrel or a fight and must prove you are right, this can mean people find you tempestuous as you seek to divide and remix in your search for the right relationship ingredients. People are attracted by this dynamism however, you have an animal like sexuality and excitement which comes across in the face you show the world as well as in bed.

In romance you are intense and dynamic, there is little you will not do to satisfy both friends and lovers but you do expect the same commitment in return. Intensity is all and relationships that are shallow have no appeal for you, you expect compliments and appreciation from those around you and are quite capable of reacting violently to criticism or frustration of your behaviour and desires. This moody tempestuousness needs to be controlled if you are to show more sympathy and win greater popularity from others.

Sex drive

Your moods are unpredictable and this produces an unreliable temperament that complicates your love life although you are more suited than most to controlling your sex drive when you want to. You are tireless and determined in your pursuit of your passions and can win the affection of those who interest you through sheer doggedness. Your sex drive is always there and you are capable of keeping going long after others have fallen by the roadside but even your constitution can be weakened by over self indulgence. Your sheer energy makes you an interesting partner for you can bring all your powers into play in the sex act and be an excellent lover, with self control helping you along the way to sexual fulfilment. Your relations can be either extremely happy or the reverse even with the same person, for there is a part of you that is inclined to go to extremes in any relationship. When in love you are able to give utter devotion to your mate and lose the temptation to stray. You are likely to stray on occasion to seek out sexual adventure but are well able to separate out this from your domestic life which is kept in a completely different compartment.As a country gets strong, people build factories far from the cities giving work to people and power to their country.

The Badly Aspected Scorpio Story

Each one who wants to get a fast fortune and finds a way, bribes government officials to let him build a polluting fortune making (for him) factory near the city for easier access. Spies try to find weak spots of antagonists so they can destroy them and monopolize whatever possible.

The Law Of The Jungle

The positive sexuality of Scorpio.

Scorpio feels strongly life forces like birth, death, sex, survival and the sexuality of a Scorpio is unknown even to him/her. Scorpio is deadly serious in many ways, even to sex. When Pluto was unknown, astrologers believed that Mars governs both Aries and Scorpio and it seems that they were close to the truth since both Signs ARE SEX. The difference is that Aries is sex in the way of being the DOING of sex and Scorpio is sex in the way of THE ESSENCE of sex, the DNA, the reproduction of the species.

In that way Scorpio is doubtful as Hamlet: "To be or not to be?". Scorpio can be frigid like the deserted land or Volcanic at the biggest eruption, when doing sex and that has to be unexpected and unpredictable. If this description is strange to you, then it is better to avoid having intimate relations with a Scorpio. Your joy of living might be hurt permanently. If on the other hand this description was attractive (magnetically maybe) to you, then it might be that only Scorpio can give you the experience of pure Sex. Sexual Astrology_______Martine

The Scorpio Woman

She could write a book about how to walk and talk and look--when enticing a man. This smoldering voluptuary dwells in the valley of her desires and is dedicated to the satisfaction of her body's yearnings. Only a low-sexed male failes to respond to the slumbering passion in her eyes and voice. Without speaking a syllable, she can spell sex in all the known human dialects.

When she meets an attractive man, she knows just how to cut him out of the herd, and it isn't long before he is too dazzled to notice any other woman. He will be well advised not to struggle. It will be no contest--a case of an irresistible force against a highly movable object. Even if she isn't good looking, her large hypnotic eyes will fix him with a dominating stare. He'll know just how the poor hare feels when hypnotized by a cobra.

She resents a stingy escort. Wherever she goes, she likes to travel first class, and you'd better pay up with a smile. If you are a little taken aback by her casual way with money, don't show it. Or you and your money will soon be forgotten.

She has enough energy for several women. She likes to work and play hard. In any kind of activity she tends toward excess. That can be fascinating but exhausting. You'll never be bored, but you may pine for a more quiet, placid life.

She takes love seriously. Like the male of the species, she is a creature of her passions. But this does not always relate directly to sex; her passion for life exists independent of any man. This makes her irresistible to men, who would like to subdue her and make her dependent. Even when they succeed, they are unlikely to penetrate her secret depths of her hidden sensuality.

In the bedroom she is demanding, and her standards of performance are hard for any man to meet. She has little patience for those who don't measure up or leave her feeling short-changed. On the other hand, she is most efficient with those who merely suffer from psychological inhibitions, and can and will perform wonders for the impotent male--if his impotenceis in his mind. This isn't altruism on her part. The way she looks at it, she's simply doing what's necessary to help HIM satisfy HER.

She has a shrewd mind and is gifted with remarkable intuition. Overly critical and exacting, she subjects would-be friends and lovers to a prolonged scrutiny before accepting them into her scheme of life. She sees deep into other people's motivations, while remaining impenetrable to their probings. Her real character is not easy to discern and may always remain her secret.

She is stubborn about getting her way. And she has the patience and ability to dissimulate to achieve her goals. All her moves are planned carefully to reach her objective. It takes a powerful will and real determination to resist her, for she knows what she wants and will press toward it with unremitting force. She cannot be diverted, nor will she adapt to changing circumstances.

Warning: Her intense emotional nature, if frustrated, can become vengeful and destructive. Betrayed, she makes a most dangerous enemy. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned. She has no scruples in seeking revenge on one who has been unworthy of her trust. She wants not only to punish the offender but to humiliate and degrade him.

Jealousy is her worse fault. She expects her lover to reserve all his admiration for her. She finds rivals and intrigues where none are to be found. At a party, if her escort spends a few minutes in private conversation with an attractive female, she decides that he's arranging a secret rendesvous--and acts accordingly. And she isn't the type to be stand by quietly in a corner pretending to be a lamp. She will descend in full ravening fury.

She despises weakness or anyone who crumples under pressure. For such types she has all the compassion of a middle linebacker. If there's an opening in your defenses, she'll find it. And if you want to stay close to her, you must be able to "take it", because she can dish it out.

Favorably disposed, she treats a lover royally. But when her mood changes (and it will), she flays him to the bone. Her quarrels are always at a high-decibel rating. If you haven't made up the quarrel before parting, don't call the next day as if nothing had happened. You'll feel as though you're talking to a complete stranger on a crossed telephone line.

One thing you can be sure of.....She is deeply emotional, highly sensitive, and fiercely loyal to the one she loves. She will make great sacrifices for anyone who realy engages her affections. If a man meets her halfway, she will be his forever.

Scorpio women make loyal mistresses who will defend you in public, fight for you in the most adverse conditions, and scorn what the neighbors say or think. But don't whine or weaken, for then she can turn on you.

Marriage? As you've probably guessed by now, it can be heaven or hell. There is no middle road. Remember--this is the most extreme sign of the zodiac. She's a formidable woman. Faint hearts had better steer clear.

When it comes to SEX, a long night ahead, fellows...Pace yourselves. She may begin my whispering provocative obscenities into your ear. Merely talking about sex moves her toward orgasm. She's the one who insists on that oversized waterbead or one of the large round beds that have neither head nor foot to accomodate any position. She's an activist in the bedroom. She will do anything to make the night memorable.

She is inquisitive, searching and experimental. No matter how jaded you are about sexual procedures, some of her impetuous actions will surprise you. She wants you to enjoy sex as much as she does, and she enjoys it with an intensity that approaches the ecstatic. This is the sexiest sign in the zodiac.

Erotic, demanding, she requires a mate of equal ardor for complete fulfillment. The clinical approach, however, is not for her. Her behavior is guided wholly by instinct. No book will ever convince her that sex is merely a system of yoga exercises.

She is a caress for any man's ego. When she is excited physically, she shows it, and this in turn will fire his passions. She likes to keep making love for a long time, and is able to impose her own wishes on an otherwise to quickly impulsive male. For she knows that eroticism consists of much, much more that the mere physical act of lovemaking. Even the most minute details are important, and she will make him fully aware of their importance.

Look for her to show up in the sheerest panties of the kind that open right at the crotch...Or she will wear a french bra with no cups or a black garter belt. Scorpio women may look like a perfect lady on the outside, but she will dress, and behave, like an abandoned whore in the privacy of the bedroom. When a man interests her, she will pursue him with determination and guile, and she never takes no for an answer.

Once a Scorpio woman is turned on, the difficulty is in turning her off. She wants more that you have to give and has ways to make you give more. She is very creative and adventurous in lovemaking. She is not subtle in her assault on her goal--and her goal is always her own sexual pleasure.

She'll be very unhappy if she gets an idea that you're reluctant to cooperate. Scorpio woman intends to dominate her male partner. Whatever the method, Scorpio woman will command her sexual partner to do what she wants--far beyond the call of duty. For her, sex it just another expression of the master-slave relationship, and Scorpio must always be Master!

The Scorpio female is the sexist and most secretive of the zodiac. Others think that she is paranoid, but in truth she hides a sadistic streak and the ability to conjure up a potion to inflict pain on others. It is not by chance that Halloween occurs during the Scorpio reign. It is then that this nocturnal creature finds it most natural to bite, scratch, pinch, twist, pull, kick, burn or crush their partner. Needless to say, most Scorpions are vampires or witches

This is really morbid, but so very Scorpio? Go on..Check it out and see how many minutes you have left!

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